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1. Day residence in the cottage starts at. 15:00 and ends at. 11:00 the next day.

2. Guests tenant house shall determine the time of your stay on arrival.

3. The fee per stay and a tourist tax charge in advance, together with a report on arrival.

4. On arrival, deposit is charged when leaving feedback deposit is $ 500

5. The owner of the house is not responsible for lost or damaged items score, and cars parked on the property.

 6. Guests are asked to close the door on a house key and the closing of windows.

7. People who visit are asked to leave the house for hours. 22:00.

 8. Cottage is designed for relaxation. Shall be prohibited from arranging discos and loud play. Do not rent a house for all sorts of events.

9. On the grounds of the estate of the day. 22:00 applies especially late at night.

10. Cleaning is not included in the cost of the stay. The policy itself should be ensured.

11. Guests receive a house cleaned, not damaged. Upon return should look like in a similar position (eg, washed the dishes.)

12. Due to fire safety is prohibited to use the room heaters, electric irons, candles, etc. equipment not forming equipment room.

13. Throughout the Little House is non smoking.

14. Guests house landlord responsibility for any material damage or destruction of equipment and technical equipment located in the bungalow, arising from his fault or the fault of him visiting guests.

15. Stay dog, cat, by prior arrangement Tel. Condition of residence is a dog - is that it will be the house he was alone without a guardian. Any kind of damage resulting from the stay shall be borne by the owner of a dog keeper. Any dirt on the dog, cat removes its owner. Refundable deposit for the dog to stay is PLN 300.

16. Does not comply with rules associated with the termination of rental House.